Vignobles & Compagnie is a modern, eco-citizen winery. It has long been committed to encouraging winegrowing practices that are more respectful of the environment and people.

Today the aim is to respect the delicate balance between People and Nature by limiting the effects of winegrowing on the environment, being more in tune with the fragile and vital eco-system, and benefitting people by helping to develop the local economic fabric.

Find out how Vignobles & Compagnie acts for the environment.


Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept according to which companies voluntarily take into account social, environmental and economic concerns in their activities and their interactions with stakeholders.

So, from 2018, after a generally positive inventory of the situation, Vignobles & Compagnie implemented numerous measures to commit even more to its CSR policy.

For example, our actions concern the following spheres:
· SOCIAL: focusing on people (investment in training and well-being and health in the workplace).
· ENVIRONMENTAL: waste recycling, natural wastewater treatment, eco-designed front/back bottle embossing, tree planting in deteriorated forests, etc.
· ECONOMIC: technical and financial assistance for partner winegrowers, partnership with the Pont du Gard, etc.

a lighter signature

As a trader committed to making a difference upstream, Vignobles & Compagnie has created an eco-designed embossed bottle (lighter at 480g), symbolising its cultural, geographic and historic foundations in the southern Rhône Valley.

The Winery designed this bottle in partnership with O-I Glass, a leading bottle manufacturer in nearby Labégude, which uses 80% recycled glass, 1/3 of which is collected locally in the Côtes du Rhône basin.

This bottle is another strong symbol of its environmental commitment for two main reasons:  reduced carbon footprint, due to the geographic proximity of the partner bottle manufacturer, and reduced material sourcing, due to the lighter format.

reeds as a natural filter

In 2016, Vignobles & Compagnie opened its first natural wastewater treatment basin at its Castillon du Gard production site. A basin planted with reeds creating a natural and ecological wastewater treatment system that avoids the use of chemical products. The aim is to return “clean” water, in compliance with ICPE standards (Installation Classed as Protection for the Environment), back into the natural water system.

This system avoids the production of sludge, which is instead immediately composted and becomes humus. Furthermore, the facility blends perfectly into the surrounding area and respects the original building designed in 1963 by Joseph Massota and classed as 20th century heritage in 2016.

the art of living together

At Château des Sources, the vines are tended according to practices that respect the surrounding eco-system and preserve the underlying water table. Here, bee hives and organic orchards exist harmoniously alongside the vines.

At this Estate in particular, water preservation is a major priority. The work on the earth and the vines are strictly controlled to limit, even avoid, the use of crop protection treatments. To take this commitment even further, a first settling basin has also been created on the site. Thanks to the oxidation of the organic matter via continued aeration, this basin allows the Estate to manage the effluents produced by the winemaking activity in its cellar.

Initiatives to obtain the high environmental value certification HVE will begin in 2020, to pursue the commitments of Vignobles & Compagnie in terms of respect for the environment and work towards even more eco-responsible agriculture.

a place for trees and for people

Vignobles & Compagnie has made a commitment to sustainable and responsible consumption with the wines of the Les Combelles range, a brand that is committed and respects the environment. With the help of a forestry partner, Reforest’Action, Vignobles & Compagnie has pledged to plant trees in deteriorated forests, an initiative funded by the sale of the Les Combelles wines.

A tree planted for every 6 bottles sold!!

We invite our customers to become responsible consumers. Buying our Les Combelles wines contributes to a common objective: preserving the planet and creating a better quality of life for the community. Every effort counts. Even the smallest action makes a difference.

So, let’s act together for the environment, for us, for our children, by helping to replant trees here and elsewhere.

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our partners’ commitment

Vignobles & Compagnie is committed to preserving the environment and biodiversity. Naturally, the Winery demands the same commitment from its suppliers. From the glass to the capsule, not forgetting the wine of course, Vignobles & Compagnie performs a strict selection of green suppliers to be able to offer its customers sustainable and responsible products.

PRINTERS: certified FSC (), ecological ink, recycled paper.
BOTTLE MANUFACTUERES: ISO 14001 (environmental management), Ecova (eco-design without compromising quality), development of lighter bottles and local sourcing.
BOTTLE TOP MANUFACTURERS: ISO 14001 (environmental management), development of environmentally-friendly capsules (vegetal or infinitely recyclable materials).
CORK MANUFACTURERS:  cork plugs (100% organically sourced and recyclable), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), ISO 14001 (environmental management).
BOX MANUFACTURERS:Eco-design (organically-sourced and/or recyclable materials), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), ISO 14001 (environmental management).
WINES: Sourcing of the most environmentally-friendly wines (HVE -High Environmental Value – and organic)

talking to consumers

In 2019 we launched two new ranges of ORGANIC wines to affirm, even more clearly, our position as a modern and eco-citizen Winery. These wines are an extension of the actions that we have been putting in place for several years now for a winegrowing activity that is more respectful of the environment and People.

We want to go even further with our winegrowing partners who have made the choice to tend their vines according to organic agricultural principles. So, we propose two new ranges which pay tribute to their work through quality wines and modern and streamlined packaging.

ORGANIC is not an end in itself. For us the approach is all-encompassing and concerns all our wines signed Vignobles & Compagnie. We want to put in place truly reasoned agriculture and strive to limit the inputs used on the vines, protect the soils, etc. All our wines are committed to sustainable development and HVE procedures, to ensure even purer pleasure for our customers…