Extremely early harvest for this 2020 vintage, with the first harvests of our Viogniers at the very end of August. Then in mid-September for our reds … 2020 therefore never ceases to amaze us.

A complicated year for men, with the international events we know, but also for winegrowers with a nature that has not stopped racing for months. A mild spring, a few welcome rains, a hot summer, an early veraison … And here we are, harvesting our first grapes at the end of August! An exception that could become a habit if climate change persists for years to come.

The Château des Sources, in the heart of Costières de Nîmes, has therefore not escaped the rule, and it is under a bright sun that the first berries returned to the cellar for the development of this future vintage 2020. To preserve the freshness on the berries, and in the bottle afterwards, we therefore harvest at night the whites but also the reds that will be used for our future rosés (if need be remembered, pink grapes do not exist ;-).

Freshness and fruity are the key words and our teams do not hesitate to get up at dawn to develop gourmet and elegant wines.

The reds: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, waited a little longer to reach perfect maturity. Our teams closely follow the evolution of the berries to reach alcoholic and phenolic maturity in the right balance, which will allow us to best reveal our terroir.

To do this ? Tasting in the rows for each grape variety, each plot. In situ tests supplemented by more detailed laboratory analyzes. When science and know-how complement each other in a quest for excellence …

The 2020 vintage is underway … to be continued!