The cycle of the vine is marked, from mid-July to the end of August, by a crucial stage of its growth: veraison.

At this time of year, the development phase slows down and the growth hormones are no longer synthesized. The berries are then gradually loaded in color, passing from green to black.

During this phase, the pulp of the grapes begins to grow rich in sugars, but it is still very rich in acidity. 

This period of ripening of the grapes can extend over a few days, even weeks, depending on various environmental factors such as exposure to the sun, climate (mistral in Rhône Valley), grape variety, evolution of the vine and many other parameters to take into account.

From one year to the next, veraison will not proceed in the same way, or exactly at the same time.

The timing of this phase will then affect the quality of the wine. This year,  veraison arrives with a few days, even weeks, in advance which lets us hope for a beautiful ripening of the berries at the time of the harvest.

Veraison is also the opportunity for some villages, such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape, to celebrate its medieval past during shows and parades. And it is also an opportunity to involve the inhabitants in many tastings proposed by the winemakers. See you in a few weeks to follow us during the crucial period of harvest …

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