Spring has arrived !

The vines pursuie their cycles, and so we are witnessing the budburst period.
Thus, from the end of March to the beginning of April, the sun gradually awakens the vines, the sap rises in the vine and begins to circulate to the ends of the plants. Then appear along the branches the first small buds so called “eyes”. These come to protect themselves from a thin protective envelope, one speaks about “bud in the cotton”.

But most impressive in this phenomenon is that in such a small bud, all the components of a vine are found: the main bud, the secondary bud, the bunches of the grapes and the leaves. Is nature not so well done?

And when the vine wakes up finally after this long winter, that the sap begins to circulate again (visible through the crying “pleurs” of the vine), the buds start to swell and finally hatch, spreading the “stuff” which protected them.

This is the famous bud burst.