Vignobles & Compagnie is committed to the environment! In this weekend of mobilization for sustainable development and on this WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY,  we are acting today thanks to Reforest’Action, an organization that acts to replant trees around the world.

Today, the great Amazonian and Peruvian tropical forests, the real lungs of the earth, are threatened and suffering from rapid deforestation. With this project we participate effectively to restore better air quality, but also water, climate and biodiversity. It is a matter of survival for local people, but also on a global scale!

Our goal is to replant 2000 trees by the end of 2019 / early 2020. But we do not intend to stop there, thanks to your support! You also contribute to this action by our side, become a consum’actor!  

When you buy our Les Combelles Vignobles & Compagnie (on our online store) labeled “Refores’Action” you make a gesture for nature, because we are committed to replant a tree every 3 bottles sold.

To learn more about this move Reforest’Action