In January, for gourmands, it’s time to enjoy a delicious kings cake to pair with our vintages Vignobles & Compagnie! So, for bolded cooks, the following recipe was unanimously appreciated by our teams … At your stove 👩 🍳

2 circles of puff pastry
200 g ground almond
200 g of sugar
120 g of butter
2 eggs
Liquid vanilla

STEP 1 : Mix the sugar and the very soft butter. Add eggs one by one, then vanilla and rum. Finish with the almond powder.
STEP 2 : Pour this mixture over the puff pastry, reserving the edges. Do not forget to introduce a nice bean! Cover with the second dough and weld the edges well with the egg. STEP 3: Using a knife draw the decor without drilling the dough. Brown with egg yolk and mix with a drop of milk.
STEP 4: Bake for 40 minutes at 180 ° C.

Enjoy your meal !