Many of you answered our penultimate survey of the year!
Here is an original recipe idea for lovers of this vegetable, which is too often browned … Cauliflower tabouleh, feta and pomegranate.

A suggestion with gourmet notes to pair with our Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Granges des Papes 2016.

1 large cauliflower
1 pomegranate
1 lime
1 red onion
Flaked almonds
Chopped parsley and mint
Feta cheese
Olive oil
Salt pepper

Step 1 :
Remove the large leaves from the cauliflower, rinse it and cut it roughly. Option 1 / Mix the pieces in a robot or option 2 / grate the cauliflower – until you get a kind of semolina.

2nd step :
Strain the pomegranate. Squeeze the lemon. Peel and chop the onion. Fry the almonds for 3 minutes, without fat.

Step 3:
Add the almonds, pomegranate, parsley, diced feta, lemon juice and 2 tbsp to the cauliflower. olive oil. Salt & pepper

Step 4: Keep cool for a few hours. Before serving, mix well and sprinkle with fresh mint.