Tavel Rosé Is The Only Wine You Need This Thanksgiving

“Pause a moment and think about Thanksgiving. Do you roast, smoke, or fry your turkey? Do you season it with citrus and herbs or hickory and bacon? What about sweet potatoes — do you prefer old-fashioned style, topped with a marshmallow or strudel? Do you serve classic green bean casserole or prefer maple bacon Brussels sprouts? Add the buttery goodness of homemade mashed potatoes and the acidic bite of cranberry sauce and you’ve got a complicated meal — one that could support seven wines.

Thanksgiving is a tapestry of flavors, textures, and spices — enough to overwhelm any one wine. I have written many articles recommending rosé for this feast, a solid choice because of its high acidity. On a recent trip to southern Rhône, I discovered Tavel, a rosé unlike any other. This discovery has altered my pairing recommendation from rosé in general to Tavel in particular.”

And pleae discover the V&Co Wines recommended by Michelle. Thank you !

2017 Reserve des Chastelles Tavel another deep fuchsia wine with spice, red fruit, and candied violets, palate offers weight and texture yet balanced with a freshness of blood orange, high acidity, long finish. 2017 Les Combelles offers much of the same aromas as the Reserve des Chastelles but with added ripe peach and a meaty savory quality from the Syrah.

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