Corinne Gregoire has been head of France sales administration for more than 25 years at Vignobles & Compagnie. Today, she gives us her impressions of the work and team spirit within the Winery.

– What are the values ​​of the company for you? –

“Vignobles & Compagnie is for me above all respect. That which we have towards our customers, our suppliers and among ourselves, internally at the staff level. Honesty, integrity and ethics are also fundamentals of our Winery. We take our responsibilities and we do not cheat towards the customers. Everyone is committed to the permanent search for quality, particularly through our work with our partner producers, and the search for new collaborations. based on listening and relational work. We are attentive to our customers, always ready to respond as best as possible to their requests, whether in terms of wine profile, packaging or other. Finally Vignobles & Compagnie , it is a commitment to the environment, through reasoned industrial practices. All this unites us, in a team spirit which is not an empty word here, the collective search for solutions, the taking into account of ideas of each not.”

– Which ones do you share with the company? –

“All these values ​​seem important to me even if I favor those related to people: the size of the company makes it possible to forge a quality link and easy communication between the different actors and services and we can feel concerned and empowered by all of the processes. This has kept us motivated for 25 years! I also greatly appreciate the respect and fairness which guide our daily relations. I am also particularly in tune with The honesty and respect which guide our relations to our customers. ”

– If so, how do you apply them on a daily basis? –

I think that each of us makes the social bond live on a daily basis, we try to communicate as much and as best as possible to avoid errors or conflicts and thus promote cohesion. I also believe in practicing and advocating sincerity in our interactions with our clients.