David Export Manager of Vignobles & Compagnie tells us about his contribution to the CSR project (Corporate Social Responsibility) and the actions implemented.

How does the marketing department participate in the value creation?

Vignobles & Compagnie is now sold in 40 countries around the world, with a hundred “active customers”. The sales development as well as the raise of our international recognition, contribute to the Vignobles & Compagnie’s brand image as a main player within the wine industry. The purpose is, of course, to create material value but also ,and above all, awareness, as intangible value. This means that the consumer will no longer choose a bottle from our winery by chance, thanks to many new projects created each year with the help of the marketing and purchasing department.

How do you value human capital within the Vignobles et Compagnie ecosystem?

Let’s not forget that in the export department we represent the winery on the international scene. We embody the 43 employees during each sale, each trip; we represent our coworkers who get up every morning to come to work. We are very proud of it, very aware of the responsibility that these tasks entail, and at the same time aware of our luck. Without everyone’s contribution, nothing is possible. As a staff representative, my motivations are the improvement of social links and dialogue, as well as the representation of the voices of supervisors and managers.

What is your contribution to improving the internal organization?

We set up inter-services common tools (such as dashboards) which serve to “horizontalize” the information. We work with the French sales department as well as marketing and quality services to set up relevant monitoring indicators and corrective action plans.

What is the positive environmental impact of the marketing department?

It is a set of actions to which we contribute through the marketing of our wines:

– we plant trees thanks to the sales of the “Les Combelles” brand
– we develop HVE3, ORGANIC and BIODYNAMIC cuvées
– we are committed to setting up a 100% ORGANIC TERROIRS range

“In reality, we do CSR every day!”