Gilbert & Gaillard was founded in 1989 by Philippe Gaillard and François Gilbert. In 2018, they decided to launch the international Challenge Gilbert & Gaillard, an entirely new world competition, which aims to further strengthen the international dimension of Gilbert & Gaillard.

Thus, this competition focuses on the internationalization of tastings: in Europe, Asia, South Africa and America. The competition has been able to adapt and create a range of rewards adapted to different markets.

Our “Petit Cochonnet” range is therefore in the spotlight this year, on the occasion of the publication of the results of the Gilbert & Gaillard tastings for IGP wines.

🥇Gold Medal:
Petit Cochonnet – Pinot Noir
Petit Cochonnet – Grenache
Petit Cochonnet – Merlot
Petit Cochonnet – Chardonnay

🥈Silver Medal:
Petit Cochonnet –  Cabernet Sauvignon

Have a good tasting !