We are mid-September and the weather conditions of recent days are exceptional. The redoux, which has spread throughout the Rhone Valley, has caused a rapid evolution of degrees and accelerated the rate of intake of our grapes in the cellar. The vineyard of Château des Sources has passed the Cape of mid-harvest, but in an orderly way!
We notice an extraordinary diversity of situations in the vineyard. And if the degrees rise quickly, all the reds have not reached their optimum polyphenol. A big work of classification is necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff: blocked and / or charged vines, balanced vines ripening normally …

The work of the winemaker continues at this crucial time, to identify the best plots for the creation of our wines. Ke knows his terroir, his vineyard, a know-how learned vintage after vintage, and chooses finely the harvesting dates to manage  the vines as better as possible.


After the vineyard, go to the winery. While the overall trend is at slightly lower PH than last year, some adjustments are necessary. The work of the oenological team begins to control vat tanks, and follow with finesse the evolution of wines via regular analysis and tastings.
The beginnings of alcoholic fermentations (transformation of sugar into alcohol) are a little chaotic at the beginning of this harvest, a direct result of low levels of nitrogen.

Nevertheless, the first tastings of the whites and the rosés give a glimpse of beautiful aromatic expressions, even if the Chardonnay and the Grenache rosé are still a little shy. Beautiful promises on the first Merlot and Syrah rosés, which express themselves while gluttony on intense nose of fresh strawberry and nectarine.

To be continued…