This month, we find a new portrait of a collaborator, Elodie, a driving force in the sales team serving Vignobles & Compagnie customers on the French market.

What are the values/philosophy of the company?
“Vignobles et Compagnie is for me a dynamic company that knows how to adapt (to consumption habits, to climatic hazards, etc.). We know how to reinvent ourselves and show ADAPTABILITY in order to orient our offer according to demand and changing consumption habits. We are also a company that knows how to match CREATIVITY and AUTHENTICITY and above all to show RESPECT. First of all, out of respect for everyone, Vignobles & Compagnie is an almost family-based business where everyone can express themselves, give their opinion and be taken into consideration. We stand in solidarity with each other regardless of our status in the company. But also by respecting the environment. A company close to nature with a majority of HVE labeled wines. We work every day by dematerializing as much as possible, by using recycled materials for example. ”

Which ones do yoshare with the company?
“I share all the values ​​of this company, but I pay particular attention to ADAPTABILITY, which for me is a form of solidarity with my colleagues. “

How to apply them –Yoevery day?
“Through my daily involvement in my missions, by showing ADAPTABILITY and SOLIDARITY when necessary. For example, by replacing colleagues on some of their tasks in order to be able to free up their time. “

“Solidarity is the capacity of a community to bring together the knowledge of each other to advance towards a common goal. “