Redfish burger with tapenade and yolk potato chips.

A burger but completely revisited! Here is a gourmetand original recipe that will make your palate travel. To accompany it we recommend our Tavel, ChastellesReserve whose aromas of red fruits and roastedalmonds will twist this burger with Mediterraneanflavours.

For 4 people, you will need:
500g yolk potatoes
A frying oil

5 anchovy fillets in oil
200 g of black olives
8 capers
1 clove of garlic
3 tablespoons of olive oil

4 burger rolls
olive oil
1 confit of dried tomatoes
8 rouget fillets
1 small red onion
2 tomatoes
green salad type oak leaf
Dijon mustard
1 egg yolk
rapeseed oil

TAPENADE = put the anchovy fillets, capers, chopped garlic clove, black olives and olive oil in ablender bowl and mix finely. Save it in the cold.

POMME CHIPS VITELOTTE = Wash the potatoes anddryles. Heat the frying bath. Cut the potatoes intovery thin slices with a grated grater. Rinsethemunder the” water running and drainles. Lay outthem on absorbent paper and salt slightly.
Soak the potato slices in the frying bath for about 4to 5 min. Drainthey progressively on absorbentpaper. Let cool and enjoy.

BURGER = Cutthe tomatoes in thin slices, chop thered onion and chop the basil.
In a bowl place the egg yolk, a teaspoon of mustard, a round of pepper from the mill. While mixing with awhisk, pour the rapeseed oil gradually to obtain afirm mayonnaise. Add according to your appetite, alarge amount of dried tomato confit, chiselled basil, then adjust the seasoning.
Place the buns opened in half on a baking sheet andlet warm for about ten minutes. Meanwhile, cook themullet fillets. Depositthem in a hot pan, with atablespoon of olive oil, on the skin side, about threeminutes depending on their thickness.

ASSEMBLY OF BURGER = Cover the bottom of thebread with a layer of tomato sauce -basil, addtomatoes slightly peppered, and chopped red onion. Deposit a spoonful of sauce, spread the salad, topwith two steaks of blueberry and cover withtapenade.

Everything is ready, all that remains is to taste in theshade of an olive tree. . .
The nap is approaching !!