Salmon Gravlax and its fresh salad

Simple, quick and delicious, here is a fresh andgourmet lunch, which goes perfectly with our Côtesdu Rhône Blanc Pure Évidence, signed by Vignobles& Compagnie.

For 4 people you will need:
1. 25 kg of salmon (with skin)
1 big boot of dill
1 teaspoon of juniper berries
1 glass of gin
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of cumin
1 beet
1 cucumber
of the rocket
a handful of seeds of the
Salt & pepper


Wipe the salmon fillets well. Pass the fingertiptowards the tail a little bit at theabove the midlineon the flesh side to feel the 24 small transverseedges that remain and pull them off with a small pairof tongs.

Mix salt, sugar, cumin, crushed pepper and junipergrains and chop dill.

Place half of the mixture and dill in the bottom of aflat gratin dish lined with a large piece of stretch film. Set the salmon fillet on the skin side underneath.

Sprinkle the remaining ingredients on the meat sideand spread by hand while rubbing. Sprinkle with ginand cover with stretch film.
Discard the excess of the stretch film from theunderside on the fish.

Place a board on top and a weight (e. g. 2 milk bricksor cans). Refrigerate.

After 8 to 12 hours, empty the excess fluid and turnthe fish over.
Start again after 8 to 12 hours, then again for a thirdtime.

After 48 hours, it’s no longer salmon but gravlax andit’s ready!

We get rid of him. dill twigs, it is carefully wiped, cutinto thin slices diagonally starting at the tail likesmoked salmon and ending with a stabbingtangentially against the skin.

For the crunchy vegetable salad, peel a cucumber, beet, add arugulation, sesame seeds and a dressing.

It is served as an aperitif on rye bread or as anappetizer of your choice, accompanied by our Côtesdu Rhône Blanc Pure Évidence!

Have a good appetite!