In winter, the work in the vineyard does not stop! After the harvest and an autumn period spent in the cellar for winemaking, now is the time to set out again to survey the vines for pruning.

The principle of winter pruning

The pruning of the vine is based on the selection of buds also called eyes. Some will not give grapes while others will be very fertile. The most fertile buds are those that appear on one-year-old wood (the one that grew the previous year). We are going to pre-prune first, which will make the pruning itself easier.

Pruning is meticulous work, first of all you have to remove the dead wood and the stems that grow at the base of the old wood. Next, focus on the stems that have grown over the past year. For a perfect size (or almost) our winegrowers cut the stems leaving at least 3 buds (eyes) per stem. It is they who will be the most fertile and who will give grapes. Warning ! If you cut off the entire stalk you won’t have a grape. Over the years, the winegrowers will make sure to remove the old wood to make room for new growth.

It’s the experience that speaks volumes…

Pruning is also a point of view, a reflection, a strategy specific to each winegrower according to the yields and the desired quality, of the grape variety and of the terroir.

The Château des Sources vineyard is thus ready to fully enter into winter. The work carried out throughout the year: the reasoned management of the vineyard, the training, the work of the grounds with grassing and charutage, the pruning … thus make it possible to face the seasons and prepare the following ones, always in research of the best balance between human intervention and letting nature take its course.

A new cycle begins again and we are happy to be able to share this new vintage in the making with you …