Fabrice TIRADO – Production Manager

Today, we present Fabrice Tirado, production manager at Vignobles & Compagnie. A man for whom relationships and the well-being of employees are essential.

What are the values/philosophy of the company for you?

“In my opinion, the most important values at Vignobles & Compagnie are :
– RESPECT for all stakeholders (suppliers, employees, customers)
– ADAPTABILITY to customer demands
– RIGOUR in terms of product quality and food safety
– SOLIDARITY among employees”.

What values do you share with the company?

“I share all these values and disseminate them for a shared vision.

If so, how do you apply them on a daily basis?

“I apply them all on a daily basis but I pay particular attention to respect for employees and the safety of staff and the product.”

“Success is about a common and shared vision.”