We pursue the presentation of the Men and Women who make Vignobles & Compagnie, with this month’s interview with Adrien from the winemaking team. It is through him that our wines of excellence are born for your greatest pleasure!

 What are the values/philosophy of the company

For me 4 major elements represent the foundations of our winery
SHARING: we are a young and dynamic company, and I am proud of our ability to share knowledge and information for better internal efficiency. COMMITMENT: Vignobles & Compagnie is a company marked by its many commitments; at the level of the territory, the environment but also in a very human way with its employees.
AVAILABILITY: a desire shared by all to be responsive, flexible and attentive to the needs of our customers.
FINALLY TEAM SPIRIT: a key value around solidarity, our ability to help each other among employees, and the benevolence of each for collective success. – Which ones do you share with the company?

 Which ones do yoshare with the company
All of his values ​​are completely me, but I pay particular attention to sharing and team spirit.

 How to apply them –Yoevery day
Through my monitoring / support role with our winegrower partners, I am truly involved in local life on a daily basis with the men and women who work the land. I try to pass on my knowledge, to share as much as possible with them. Together, we are pursuing this desire to preserve the environment. It is a mission that requires me to be available, to be attentive to the needs and to listen to everyone. And all of this wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have this desire to move forward together, this team spirit. I try to show solidarity with my colleagues, winegrowers and suppliers in order to succeed together and constantly improve.

– “The energy of each allows us to go further! “