Amandine Guerin is a salesperson France, South-East sector at Vignobles & Compagnie since 2018. She shares with us her vision of her missions within the Winery and her teamwork. 💭

– What are the values of the company for you –

“Vignobles & Compagnie is a company on a human scale with a unifying spirit. Our authenticity and commitment to our winemaking partners, our customers and all of our employees are omnipresent. We have a charter that reflects our relationship of continuity, trust and respect. As winegrowers ourselves, we also know the challenges of managing a business and protecting the environment.

We value our appellations and our terroir through an environmental approach for an eco-responsible agriculture. Innovative and daring, we strive to be better every day, we have created several product lines with complementary identities to better meet the needs of our customers. Quality standards and our experience of more than half a century lead us to excellence.

– Which ones do you share with the company –

“I share all of my company’s values in a very obvious way because they allow me to be in line with my position and my employees. I think it is fundamental that I embody our values so that we can share them naturally with our clients. I often say: “we are not like other merchants” because we are at the crossroads of all the actors of our terroir. In sales, the relationship is essential, the exchanges with our customers must be sincere and committed. Environmental commitment is fundamental to more sustainable consumption as is team spirit because knowing how to work together is our success. ”

– If so, how do you apply them on a daily basis –

“Through valuing the work of the teams to our customers, my solidarity and positivity.”