Today, José, Head of the Maintenance Department at Vignobles & Compagnie, talks about his contribution to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project and the actions implemented.

How does the maintenance department contribute to the creation of value at La Winerie?

The maintenance department works closely with the production department.
It consists in improving the efficiency of the technical means and, by resonance, the human means of Vignobles & Compagnie to reach an exceptional result.
More than ever our world is changing and we have been witnessing a radical climate change for a few years. More and more companies are concerned about their carbon footprint and their impact on the environment. On our side, we are planning to install solar panels on our site. This would make us a producer and supplier of renewable energy.

How do you value the human capital within the Vignobles & Compagnie ecosystem?

It is the combined skills and experience of each employee that develops a synergy and generates the performance of Vignobles & Compagnie.
It is important to me to pass on my knowledge to the younger generations. In partnership with schools, we allow apprentices to learn about the world of work and maintenance and thus transmit the qualities that I believe are essential in our profession: professionalism, rigor and positivity.
We have a direct impact on human capital and in particular on the quality of life at work by optimizing each position so that employees are in the best conditions to accomplish their missions.

What is your contribution to improving the internal organization?

The maintenance department ensures that regular updates are made with the production department. During technical stoppages, maintenance meets with each technical operator to understand their needs and discuss the various technical modifications that will be undertaken.
We also communicate on the company’s future investments and the progress of the work.

What is the positive environmental impact of the Sales/Export department?

At Vignobles & Compagnie we sort waste according to its composition (toxicity, duration,…) in order to eliminate or reuse it and reduce our impact on the environment.

The department is functionally the most affected by the consumption of resources and energy. For several years now, the company has been working to preserve these elements by reducing their use and recycling them (use and purification of water in basins, preservation of water tables, widespread use of detection lighting, etc.).
More globally, the Winery is also looking to improve its energy performance through the use of less polluting transport, with biofuel fleets. It also wants to impact its employees and is interested in installing charging stations for electric car users.

“Progress is only possible through change.