Today, Fabrice, Production Manager at Vignobles & Compagnie, talks about his contribution to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project and the actions implemented.

How does the production department contribute to the creation of value at La Winerie?

Our business unit plays a key role at Vignobles et Compagnie.
We make a wine design idea into a successful product.
We contribute to the value of the final product thanks to our internationally recognized know-how.

How do you value the human capital within the Vignobles & Compagnie ecosystem?

The Winery makes it a point of honor to guarantee health, quality of life and safety at work. It contributes to work for all by adapting jobs to accommodate disabled workers.
The adjustments made to each workstation allow our employees to work in optimal conditions and thus support them throughout their career.

What is your contribution to improving internal organization?

We optimize the internal organization by equipping it with ever more modern and efficient machines that contribute to the automation of production, and to the improvement and lightening of work stations.

What is the positive environmental impact of the Sales/Export department?

The majority of waste is sorted (cardboard, labels, bottles, plastic, etc.) and compacted to reduce the number of trips made by our recycling service provider.
The modernization of our equipment allows us, for example, to save a significant volume of water during the production of wines.
“Producing wines while respecting our environment is our motto.