At the beginning of the year, the first professional tastings and first quotes on the Vintage 2018 are beginning to emerge. And trends are confirmed on this exceptional vintage, which follows the trend of the last three years in the Rhone Valley.

Unfortunately, some estate and Appellations were severely affected by Downy Mildew, but overall, the health status of the Rhone vineyards was very good, and the 2018 harvest took place under favorable climatic conditions.

Gentle and dry, the winter was mild in the southern part, followed by a rainy spring but without major climatic incident, and without episodes of disastrous hail, as could be experienced by other French vineyards. And, the season continued with a hot and dry summer, and some rains at the beginning of the harvest, which finally ended this rather mild year.

As a matter of fact, our Château des Sources vineyard has thus fully benefited from these ideal climatic conditions. The grapes were harvested healthy and fully matured. Ripe berries for juices of a beautiful aromatic richness. The whites and rosés have nevertheless preserved a lot of freshness and are very expressive. The reds promise greedy and supple wines. The Syrah, which blossom fully on the soil of Bellegarde, develop a beautiful aromatic palette, with character and peppery notes. A promising marriage with our Grenache, full and generous …

We look forward to making you taste the first wines from this fabulous year. With, in particular, in 2019, new cuvées from parcels selections and new organic products. To be found very soon in our online shop!