For the past 25 years, solid ties have been built up with the Rhône Valley winegrowers. A commitment in the vineyards as well as during the vinification and ageing process. And finally for the distribution.

A PARTNER CHARTER sets down the commitment of VIGNOBLES & COMPAGNIE to accompany the winegrowers, the estates and their family in the long-term.

Thomas Giubbi

Orchestra Conductor

Just like his predecessors, Thomas Giubbi is committed to serving the region’s terroir and people. In fact, since 2011, he has put all his experience, energy and people skills into the relations with his winegrower partners. As a result he has improved the quality of the wines and raised the commercial development of the Company.

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Nicolas Rager

Concert Master

Everyone who meets Nicolas is drawn to his straightforward character and openness. He has a naturally curious nature, and furthermore a real passion for wine. He is always happy to take the time to talk and exchange ideas over a good vintage.

Nicolas is permanently out in the vineyards assisting the partner winegrowers in their day to day operations.

Famille Espinas

Château des Sources

A long-established family whose name has been linked to the Château since the 19th century. Their ancestor Emile Im Thurn helped to revive the wine estate after the phylloxera crisis, and today his descendants have decided to secure its future by handing over the reins to Vignobles & Compagnie. Perhaps one day it will be the latest addition to the family, young Zoé, who will take up the torch again? Only time will tell…

Françoise Rey

Château de la Grande Gardiole

Initially somewhat duty-bound, this energetic lady finally became deeply attached to the estate and the people working there. Today she has managed to make her mark and imprint her style on the vineyard, despite the fact that winegrowing continues to be a largely male-dominated world.
For her it is more than just a winemaking journey, it is above all a human adventure, that is the reason why she places great importance on the well-being of her teams.
Sometimes, she loves to capture her land, her region, and her vineyard on film, to write a new chapter of this wonderful family history…

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Florence Mejan

Domaine Mejan

As quiet and feline as her beloved cats, Florence adores all things natural. She tends her vines solely according to organic principles, like a mother who wants only the best for her child. When greeting visitors to the vineyard she often talks about the essential oils that she uses to tend the soil, and the music that accompanies her wines as they mature. A moment of poetry at the heart of the terroir of Tavel.

Brice Beaumont

Domaine Saint Pierre aux Liens

A rock child who drives his tractor and tends his vines to the sound of his idols whose songs and stories hold no secrets for him. There can be no doubt that his wines are, like him, passionate and generous…

Jehan de Woilemont

La Commanderie de Fleury

Situated not far from the Mediterranean Sea, the Commanderie de Fleury is now managed by the young Jehan de Woilemont who is putting this high-potential appellation back on the map since 2011.

Aurélie Meffre

Domaine Dame Guilherme

Aurélie is a good natured, bubbly brunette who is the worthy heir of her father Hugues. For several years now, with the hard work and curiosity which she has become known for, she has gradually found her feet in the estate with a view to completely taking over the reins and thereby continuing the dream initiated by her grandfather. Her girly side manifests itself in her love of beetles… preferably pink!

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Gerben Tonkens

Château de Cheylus

He is devoted to this adopted land, where his parents loved to come to recharge their batteries, even if it is far from his birthplace of the Netherlands. It is at the heart of the magnificent green and generous landscape of Ardèche that Gerben put his quiet strength into renovating each stone of the building which would become the cradle of his wines. Come and lose yourself this side of the Rhone River where you will be seized by admiration for the landscape but also for this cheerful and endearing character.

Pascal Mathieu

Château des Séraphin

In this lovely remote vineyard there are vines everywhere, as far as the eye can see. It is clear that Pascal loves nature and freedom. And when he can, he likes nothing more than to grab his skis and escape to the snowy slopes.

Pierre Gaillard

Château de Farel

A man of the earth who is not easily won over and is happiest on his tractor surrounded by his vines and rounded pebbles. He is the guarantor of the preservation and continuity of the four-century-old history of wine at Château de Farel…

Jean-Luc et Pierre Vidal

Château Corrèges

Father and son, representing the 3rd and 4th generations, are united in their quest to take this estate, set in the heart of the Gard, to new heights. The two men are quiet but like a good joke, and sometimes manage to escape the work required by 27 hectares of vines to take to the countryside, on 2 wheels for the father and 4 for the son.

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Nicolas et Rémi Villesèche

Domaine Villeséche

Two brothers have taken over this family vineyard nestled between the Cevennes and Provence. When you ask them “since when?” they answer “since always”. Already as kids they used to roam the vineyard and cellars and today, with broad smiles on their faces, they continue to work together for the future of the estate. The twosome also roams the vineyard and woods on the lookout for game to accompany their wines…

Coralie Onde

Domaine de la Ganse

A very young estate created in 2008 by a sparkling winegrower, Coralie Onde. This beautiful Provencal name refers to the plot of land at the end of the vines, which allows to turn and move from one rank to another. Thanks to her grandparents, she heard this word all her childhood, that is the reason why Coralie has decided to baptize the Domaine and pay homage to her family and those who have passed on the passion for the Terroir.